Beautiful Deluxe Deck Featuring:

Fire-pit, Barbecue, Planters, Pergola & Water Features

Finished Views

Stage 1 – 3D Design & Renderings

Stage 2 – Excavation

Stage 3 – Framing and Concrete

Stage 4 – Pergola

Stage 5 – Masonry & Stonework

Stage 6 – Planters, Firepit, & Custom Features

Stage 7 – BBQ and Finishing Touches

Stage 8 – Arial Images

Stage 9 – Adding a Pool!

A few years after we built the deck the home owners came back to us to ask us to add a pool.  Due to the limitations of the property we had to cut back the deck a bit to add in the pool.  Take a look at these 3d Renderings of the Pool Design the home owner likes the best.