Some of Our Backyard Pool Decks

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A backyard deck can take many forms, it can be a small space behind your home to set your BBQ on, set up some chairs around a table shaded by a hand cranked umbrella. It can also be a magnificent space that wraps around you house, has stairs to move you down to a lower ground elevation or up to a second story deck that leads to your master suite, It can be concrete, stone, tile or wood, there are as many decks and custom outdoor spaces as there are homeowners in Dallas and Austin. We can take the area behind your home and craft a space designed just for you, your friends and your family.

Don’t forget that in addition to a backyard deck, if you have a custom pool or are planning one, we can build a pool deck to match your above or in-ground pool or spa. There is nothing like having a beautiful and functional space to relax in after a refreshing swim or to watch as your family swims and plays outside. We can expand your living space beyond the four walls of your home and build you a private space that is perfect for you, We can add a Gazebo, or Pergola to tame the Texas sun and let you enjoy the great outdoors in comfort.

A Chaparrel Pools Custom Deck extends your home and gives you and your family new ways to enjoy your home.

TeraVista (Round Rock, Texas) Deck Views

Scenic Brook Drive Views

Bee Cave Deck Views

Circle C Deck

Dripping Springs Pool Deck

Avery Ranch Pool Deck

Steiner Ranch Pool Deck Views

Contemporary Steiner Ranch Deck

Spicewood Custom Deck

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